For more than 15 years, Tim Blake had been making homemade salsa for himself, family and friends. Over the years, people became more outspoken about how great his salsas were. Tim realized he might have something special. He did not share his recipes or processes. With much encouragement and support, Tim decided to go after his dream of running his own business.

My Successes: 

Tim consulted with Newark SCORE who helped him develop a business plan and made sure he had all the necessary licenses, insurance and inspections. Tim found a commercial kitchen and began his quest. He made his first commercial batch August 13, 2007. The salsa, produced under the name “Unkle Timz” Gourmet Salsa, is made in small batches weekly so it will always be fresh and just like homemade.

How SCORE Helped: 

A slow start was followed by steady growth. Continued growth and promising sales have recently allowed Tim to take another step; securing his own commercial cannery.

His goal, for the time being, is to offer quality, fresh, all natural, gourmet salsa in the central Ohio area. Unkle Timz salsa is available in 16 varieties and can be found in local farmer’s markets and restaurants,  as well as a number of stores. It can also be purchased on line at .

Tim says: I am thankful to SCORE for encouragement and helping me get started properly. By helping me avoid some of the typical startup pitfalls, I was able to keep moving in a positive direction. I know that, if further growth allows me to pursue my dream to higher levels, SCORE will be there to help and guide me.