Welcome to East Central Ohio SCORE. We are glad you visited our webpage. Our Goal is to serve your business needs, whether you are in business, starting a business or simply thinking about starting a business. We look forward to helping you succeed in any way we can.

John Carlson, Chapter Chair








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MAPWe currently serve the following counties: Coshocton, Fairfield, Guernsey, Licking, Muskingum, and Perry.

We have a branch office in Marietta, Ohio, serving Athens, Monroe, Morgan, Noble and Washington counties. 


East Central Ohio SCORE assists people who own a small business and want to increase efficiency, value and growth of their business and those who are thinking of starting a business. SCORE’s local team of multi-disciplined and experienced business consultants are problem solvers helping business owners face today’s business challenges.

The SCORE process includes meeting with your assigned counselor to define your project and determine your specific needs. If needed, we create a team of experts to address multiple aspects, such as legal, financial, operations, sales or marketing.

It is our belief that everything a business does either contributes to or subtracts from its success. If you are starting a business, why not get the best advice possible and improve your success factor? If you are already in business, why not take advantage of the free resources SCORE can offer you to improve your business?



In the late summer of 1976, Al Milliken, Executive Director of Licking County Chamber of Commerce asked VerneMessimer to help establish a group of retired executives to provide guidance and counseling to small businesses in the community. Verne had recently retired from the Holophane Corporation.

The consensus of the Small Business Committee at the Licking County Chamber of Commerce was that while they were providing an adequate service to large, well-established businesses the smaller businesses were being neglected.

Verne organized a group of retired executives to study the issue and look for a solution. The following individuals agreed to serve.

Harold Cromer, William Daily, Albert Nerny, Henry Richardson, Clayton Smucker, and William Twinem with Verne as Chair.

During their investigation into the problem and possible solutions they learned that the Small Business Administration had established a nationwide organization called SCORE (an acronym for Service Corp of Retired Executives). They contacted the Columbus Ohio SBA office and they were warmly welcomed and urged to participate in the program. After meeting with Doug Swasey (SBA) and Frank Geyer from The Columbus Chapter 27 of SCORE, the committee set out to establish a Licking county Chapter.

In 1977 the Licking County Chapter 399 was formed. At that time 10 members were required to form a Chapter and by the Fall of 1977 they had enlisted 14 members. The Charter Members were as Follows: Chair: Verne Messimer. Members at large: Harold Cromer, William Dailey, Albert Nerny, Henry Richardson, Clayton Smucker, William Twinem, Homer Dupler, Clarence Feil, Julius Lenz, William Harold, Earl Peterson, Paul Bartram and Paul Lawyer. Past Chairs: Verne Messimer 1977-79, Don Leidy1979-81, Paul Bartram 1981-83 Bob Keller 1983-85, Randal Thumm 1985-87 John K Park 1987-1988 Mary Lusk 1988-89, Elizabeth Dickson 1990-91, Gerald Rammel 1991-92 Jim Widmer 1993-94, Ed Cobb 1995-1996, Bernard Nye 1997-99, Norma Franklin 2000-01, Steve Beck 2002-05, Glen Abel 2005-07, Stephen Linham 2007-09, and Kenneth Williams 2010-13.

Over the life of the chapter we have occupied several Locations, The Licking County Chamber, C-Tec and presently we have an office at the Evans Foundation Building. Each of these locations was generously donated to us. We presently serve the following Counties: Coshocton, Fairfield, Guernsey, Licking, Muskingum, and Perry. With a Branch office in Marietta serving: Athens, Monroe, Morgan, Noble and Washington counties.